Through my understanding of creating energy paintings that affect body, mind and spirit, I have noticed that people are becoming very detached from their emotional bodies with the excess of screen time. By offering the opportunity to explore the embodiment of emotions through painting, I hope that people might start to find their way back into their bodies.  It is a time to unplug from technology and start to listen to one’s inner voice and see what mysteries are there for the discovering.

Painting very quick, spontaneous work permits the subconscious mind to reveal its truths in ways that will awe, surprise, delight, and awaken. Paint the energy of the emotions and feel where this lives in the body. Engage all the senses to better know these emotions from within.

Because we are painting what the energy of emotions feels like, rather than what it might look like, artistic ability is irrelevant.

I then help participants interpret what they have painted allowing for a new way of engaging with their emotions both inwardly and outwardly.

A two hour experience is $150. Clothes for painting in are recommended.

Please call Candace @ 416.948.6178 for more information and to book a session.

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