The Wedding Present

This is a painting that I created for a friend’s wedding present. This a fully channeled piece where I was shown the colours, gemstones, and symbols to use. Ultramarine is the vibration colour of the third eye or 6th chakra, the chakra of intuition. The symbol of the “8″ on its side is the Islamic representation of the moon and hence Allah; it is connected to the Archangel Mikael; it is the symbol of eternity and infinity and is one of two primary magnetic energy lines which flows across the face of the earth. The gemstones used were, pyrite, a stone of protection against negative forces, lapis lazuli, a stone of total awareness which stimulates the communicative facets of the self and amethyst, a stone of contentment and spirituality. Considering that my friend, Saira is Pakistani and that this is in celebration of her wedding, I can only marvel at the connectedness of the all. May this painting be a reflection of her new life– protected, spiritual, intuitive and eternally connected to the infinite.