Soul Purpose

Phoenix Rising Star, USA

I just KNEW I had to have the purple chakra painting. For me, it represented my soul purpose, clarity and next steps on my path. And I needed the grounding energy of that symbol! Not only is it beautiful by itself as a stand alone piece of art, but I positioned it over my computer, where I do most of my work, and really felt the energy blessing of its presence. A sense of peace and calm. A sense of moving forward. Feeling tapped into my inner guidance. I can’t wait to purchase the entire series! Thank you Candace

Invigorating Energy

Shivani Sharma, CEO of Firefly Creative Inc.

Ever since ‘Surrounded by Fibonacci Possibilities’ has arrived at my office, the vibrations within the office have altered dramatically. The painting has an invigorating effect on everyone at the office, including myself. The reds, oranges and hints of blue seem to combine and draw me in, hitting me like an electric charge. My productivity has improved, and I’m sure it’s because of the painting’s positive vibrations. I feel renewed, refreshed and inspired every time I look at the painting. It’s like the spirals in the painting are urging me to create momentum, and I am compelled to oblige. In my line of work, being reflective is part of being creative. The painting has been a great source of reflection. I feel like a deep connection has been formed between the painting and me and, as such, it has opened my mind to seek deep connections within my work, allowing me to see things from varied perspectives.

In a sense, this painting has healed my creativity, that which was damaged from the monotony of everyday work. I feel charged, energized and inspired, and I know that others in our office feel the same. Thank you for this beautiful gift Candace, it will be forever cherished.

Peaceful Flow of Energy

The Sorbara Group

We are always looking to find balance and signs that the direction of our lives is in order. Somehow the universe always comes together for us and things unfold as they should.

Our twins were born dec 31, one month early, and we found ourselves in the NICU at St MIchael’s Hospital, as our baby boy and baby girl found the strength to be in the world. Everyday we walked the hall outside the NICU and passed Candace’s chakra exhibit – a number of bold, colourful and engaging paintings that spoke to us in a powerful and grounding way.

One of Candace’s chakras now hangs in our bedroom and creates a peaceful flow of energy that has brought a profound calming effect on our hectic lives. The piece has encouraged us to be aware of how art benefits our individual well being.

Candace has a true passion for art and we are honored to have one of her chakras hanging in our home for years to come.

True Healing


I lay for hours in my hospital bed as the days turned into nights and nights into days. The nights were long and the pain was deep and at times unbearable. I was 5 days post-surgery and I could see that the charting was getting longer and more serious. The less experienced nurses showed it in their wrinkled brows and urgency to alert the on-call gastro-doc. They kept saying we’ll have to try this or we’ll have to try that.

By day beneath my window was an unfinished courtyard. In the 4 floors of hallways on the other side staff buzzed along and patients pushed IV poles with their visitors. In the darkness of night when no one was around, those halls lit up with art. I had my own private art gallery from my 5th floor perch. It felt like magic to have such a view of such enlightened work. Though I could not make sense of why it was there I was drawn, often fixated, by this visual panorama. Desperate one night after being told that I might have to return to the OR in the morning, I refused the morphine as I wanted to be able to locate the problems in my abdomen. I lay on my side to ease what felt like sharp needles moving around my gut. The gallery came into view. I was more able to meditate now despite the distraction of pain. My eyes caught the series of paintings that strung all the way along one floor. I tracked them from one end to the other as I focused more deeply on what was happening inside me. For each painting I focused on one part of my body or one part of my life… my heart, love, my stomach, my intestines, the obstruction…nurturing myself. I breathed with intention, I focused, I returned to the orange one, back to the blue one, over to the yellow one that helped me on my last meditation. And so on. I would drift off now and then yet the process was timeless and I was able to bring myself back to the present by choosing the next piece. I started to differentiate the meaning of these pieces that were lit up in the night…my own meanings of course but perhaps not what the artist intended. They started to speak to me and I questioned my delirium. I continued to focus on my breath and let each piece of art wash over me.

In time I was able to pinpoint exactly where I was obstructed. As I focused intently on the green piece and directed my energy to that specific muscle that was tightly holding my ability to heal I felt an ever-so-slight twitch of loosening. I breathed once more and more loosening. I have never felt such a small muscle so deep in my body before. My eyes shifted to the yellow piece and I was able to breathe and clear my thoughts. The blockage gave way. More internal activity. More peace. A flood of relaxation flowed through my abdomen better than any of the analgesics the medical community was offering. Relief. Gratitude. Love. Healing.

In 12 hours I was on my feet. With tubes hanging off me I busted out of that ward and headed to the elevator to search out my gallery in the daylight. At this point I wasn’t really sure what media I had been staring at night after night but they were chakra paintings by an artist named Candace Wilson. I read the descriptions and tried to recall what meaning I was taking from each during the nights. I had connected with each painting in a different way and I was amazed to read the artist’s descriptions.

Thank you Candace Wilson. I have no idea if what happened to me was your intended effect of hanging these beautiful pieces in the hospital but I went from near death in emergency to a healed and healthy man with a lot of help from your work.


Candace’s chakra paintings are not just static works of art, they are living energy that moves and shifts you. Just meditating on it, you can feel it working! Even as I write this while staring at the throat chakra painting, I can feel energy swirling in my throat — and I can’t wait to see what healings and expansion emerges as a result!

Derek Rydall, Founder The Law of Emergence, Best-Selling Author, ‘Emergence,’ ‘The Abundance Project