It is through the abstract form that one can go beyond the named and recognized and move into that space of being where energy resides without borders. It is the space in between. Without the conditioning imposed by language or labels, and revelling in the formless, consciousness can awaken. Here, the paintings can be themselves…not as a preconceived image or idea.

Combining conscious use of colour, gemstones, and sacred geometry with the abstract form, drives my creative process at this time. My idea is to raise the consciousness of my viewers using my art as the vehicle.

Colour has long been recognized for impacting us physically and psychologically. Because I wanted to fully explore this effect, I often choose to paint monochromatically.

The idea of using textures and shapes mirrored both in nature and in the cells of the body feels right since that organic resonance results in a more powerful healing vibration emanating from the paintings.

How to incorporate crystals, long recognized for their curative powers, was shown to me in meditation so, I couldn’t leave them out. They have been cleansed, awakened and programmed before I put into the paintings. Sacred geometry has also been incorporated in the pieces, either with the placement of the gemstones or in some cases, under the paint itself.

The result is energetically charged paintings that resonate with the body, mind, and spirit.