Program Details

Candace Wilson Art Studio tailors the sponsorship program to best suit your needs and methodology.

Following an initial discovery session, CWA Studio will present to you a curated list of institutions which match your corporate brand goals, and your proposed budget.

  • Your selection will determine the type of art to be created, and scope of the collection.
  • We will then develop a timeline for completion of all works, assessment and installation.
  • Once completed, the artwork will be subject to an assessment to determine market value, and a certificate will be provided to this end.
  • CWA Studio will manage a launch of the artwork gift, suitable for both internal and external PR purposes.



CWA Studio works closely with art professionals including investment advisors, and contemporary and abstract art curators and appraisers. We would be pleased to suggest one, or work with the accredited professional of your choice.

We are also able to participate in internal meetings with your team, board, or our partnered healthcare institutions.


Candace Wilson Interview
Candace Wilson on her healing paintings at Toronto Western Hospital