Candace Wilson’s love of nature has led her to explore the deserts of Africa and Oman, the ice fields of the Arctic and the Antarctic, and Canada’s own vast wildernesses. As a member of the prestigious Explorer’s Club, her travels into the timeless beauty, silence and remoteness of these threatened landscapes allow for a profound contemplation that is essential to her artist’s being. Her desire to combine this experience with a deeper understanding of her own spirituality has provided the underlying focus and inspiration for her paintings.

Candace Wilson is an explorer in every sense. In addition to her physical and spiritual searching, her passion for life has taken her on a fascinating route which includes studies at the Ecole Des Beaux Arts et Arts Appliques in Anger, France, work as a commercial helicopter pilot, a European trained sommelier, and Toronto entrepreneur.

For her fortunate viewers and collectors, this wealth of life exploration is reflected in her paintings which cover a spectrum of genres from realism to colour field and abstract expressionism.

With this commitment to physical and spiritual exploration and supported by new technological research into the healing qualities of colour, crystals, gems and sacred geometry, Candace’s paintings are richly embedded with an array of elements that create an interactive relationship affecting body, mind and spirit. Contemplation of these works helps fill that longing we all have to have our souls touched by beauty.