Solar Plexus Chakra (hospital collection)

60 x 30″ / 152 x 76cm

Oil on canvas with yellow citrine, dioptase.

Framed by Artist

The third or solar plexus chakra, located in the area of the solar plexus, is the chakra of identity, power and force of will. Yellow citrine, a prosperity stone, balances yin and yang; it aids in concentration, mental awareness and endurance, and offers comfort and optimism. It can help one dispense with the fundamental level of fear and promotes a radiance from within. Citrine has been used to help with problems of digestion, and to promote circulation of the blood, helps diminish growths, and in treating degenerative disorders. Dioptase opens the heart chakra to loving compassion while help to heal emotional pain, and old inner wounds. It energetically supports the heart in every way. It helps with creativity, prosperity, and abundance.

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Dimensions 60 × 30 in