Sacral Chakra

Diameter 36” / 91cm

Oil on panel with lapis lazuli, gold.

Framed by Artist

The 2nd chakra or sacral chakra, located 1” to 2” below the navel, is the chakra of emotions, creativity, and sexuality, and resonates with the colour orange.

Gold is known as a “master healer” and as such is excellent for the purification of the physical body. It stabilizes the emotional body, alleviates tension and stress, amplifies positive feelings and assists one in attuning with nature and her healing abilities. It has been used to rebuild the nervous system and to enhance mental faculties.

Lapis lazuli, a stone of spirituality and total awareness, helps with inner wisdom and communication including speaking and discerning the truth. By enhancing intuition and spiritual guidance, one receives new information as images rather than words; it can be very powerful in exploring past life history. Lapis is very useful in identifying habitual patterns of emotion and thought that sabotage one’s ability to heal.

Additional information

Dimensions 36 × 36 in