Sacral Chakra (hospital collection)

48 x 48″ / 122 x 122cm

Oil on canvas with carnelian, lapis lazuli, clear quartz.

Framed by Artist

The 2nd chakra or sacral chakra, the chakra of emotions, creativity, and sexuality, resonates with the colour orange. Quartz is a magnifier of energy. Lapis lazuli, a stone of spirituality and total awareness, helps with inner wisdom and communication. Carnelian, a prosperity stone, shows that there is nothing to do but to offer love. These all help repair DNA. The sacred spiral, the shape of remembering, the shape in which nature manifests is used extensively. The combined vibrations of colour, gemstones, and sacred geometry create a resonance that opens and impacts the 2nd chakra.

Additional information

Dimensions 48 × 48 in