Intuitive Chakra

Diameter 36” / 91cm

Oil on panel with smokey quartz, pyrite.

Framed by Artist

The 6th, or third eye chakra located in between and just above the eyebrow is the chakra of intuition, of clairvoyance, of creative visualization. Pyrite protects against negative forces and pollution while allowing one to see behind the facades. It carries the memory of eternal sun with it and repairs DNA.

Pyrite, a stone of protection, shields from negative forces, physically, emotionally and etherically; it allows one to see behind facades reminding us of the everlasting presence of the sun. It keeps out pollutants on all physical levels and allows one to connect with energy of the Earth greatly increasing vitality.

Pyrite stimulates intellect and enhances memory; it helps male sexual dysfunction, combats skin disease, fungal infection, as well as cellular invasion by viruses.

Smokey quartz, a stone of cooperation, is a magnifier of energy protecting from negative forces, enhances creativity, helps restore DNA.

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Dimensions 36 × 36 in