Ibrahim (sold)


36 x 38″ / 91 x 97cm

Oil on canvas.

Framed by Artist

My first trip to the Sahara was to a very remote mountainous area of SE Algeria, the Tassili n'Adjja. We were a small group travelling with Bedouin and camel. Perhaps because this landscape and the culture was one of the most foreign to me, I was absolutely swept off my feet. I loved the camel and the bedouin in their flowing robes, the endless stretches of dunes, and desert. The never-ending vistas of broken rock surface that shimmered in the heat, demonstrated the meaning of a mirage. The Sahara was exactly the kind of place I could love… a lost and harsh place, where the very idea of living is surviving. A place where the only noise is that of the wind scouring the land and the only light is that of the moon and stars.

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Dimensions 36 × 38 in