Higher Heart Chakra (hospital collection)

48 x 24″ / 122 x 61cm

Oil on canvas with gold, amethyst.

Framed by Artist

The higher heart chakra is a new chakra that is opening up in the human body just above the existing heart energy centre. Amethyst is a stone of meditation and spirituality; it bestows peace and stability protecting from lower vibrations while transmuting them into a higher frequency. It realigns the DNA while helping to balance the brain and nervous systems. It is useful in countering addictive thoughts and behaviours, supporting oxygenation of the blood and, taken as an elixir, arthritis. Gold is known as a “master healer” and as such is is excellent for the purification of the physical body. It stabilizes the emotional body, alleviates tension and stress, amplifies postive feelings and assists one in attuning with nature and her healing ablilities. It has been used to rebuild the nervous system and to enhance mental faculties.

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Dimensions 48 × 24 in