Crown Chakra (hospital collection)

72 x 32″ / 183 x 81cm

Oil on canvas with sugalite, almandine garnet.

Framed by Artist

The crown or 7th chakra is the chakra of oneness, knowing, bliss and enlightenment. It is located at the crown of the head and brings the gift of cosmic consciousness. Sugalite, a stone of love, has special healing forces for our times. It protects from disharmony and helps with getting tasks completed as well as opening the crown chakra. Sugalite, an excellent remedy for headaches, brings peace and relaxation while helping with sleep disorders including insomnia. Almandine garnet, a stone of total commitment and health, opens the base chakra. It represents profound love and stimulates physical vitality helping with recovery from injury. It has been used in treatment of heart, liver, and pancreas disorders, as well as stimulating the cellular structure of the eyes.

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Dimensions 72 × 32 in