Base or Root Chakra (hospital collection)

48 x 24″ / 122 x 61cm

Oil on canvas with rhodolite garnet, sugalite.

Framed by Artist

The root or first chakra, located at the base of the spine, is the body's energy centre where survival, vitality, stability, trust, and courage live. Sugalite, a stone of love, has special healing forces for our times. It protects from disharmony, pollution and negative forces; it helps with getting tasks completed as well as opening the crown chakra. Sugalite, an excellent remedy for headaches, brings peace and relaxation while helping with insomnia. Rhodolite garnet is a stone of inspiration that helps to heal and sooth the emotional body encouraging self respect and self love. It encourages one to both receive and radiate the frequency of love. It holds a frequency of comfort, succour and support; it is helpful in recovery from sexual abuse by clearing these emotional patterns and removing the guilt and the shame. This garnet is an excellent stabilizer, calming the emotional, physical, mental, and ethereal bodies. It can be used in treatment of heart and lung disorders.

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Dimensions 48 × 24 in