8th Chakra

Diameter 20” / 50.9cm

Oil on canvas with onyx, rhodolite garnet.

Framed by Artist

This chakra is located about 1.5” above the head. and is seen as our portal in and out of the time/space continuum. This is the source for all past knowledge and karmic memories.

Rhodolite garnet is a stone of inspiration that helps to heal and sooth the emotional body encouraging self-respect and self-love. It encourages one to both receive and radiate the frequency of love. It holds a frequency of comfort, succour and support ; it is helpful in recovery from sexual abuse by clearing these emotional patterns and removing the guilt and the shame. This garnet is an excellent stabilizer, calming the emotional, physical, mental, and ethereal bodies. It can be used in treatment of heart and lung disorders.

Onyx is a stone of protection, inner and physical strength. It enhances one’s endurance, and persistence while helping one to maintain focus; it boosts one’ ability to retain memory and detail enhances self-control, and encourages happiness. Onyx is excellent in conflict situations as it allows one to keep a cool head. It has been successfully used in treating bone marrow disorder; by increasing the connection between feet and 1st chakra, onyx helps with eliminating bodily wastes, and excess energy.

Additional information

Dimensions 20 × 20 in