Healing Paintings

All Candace’s work contains the same quantum healing energetics. The paintings in  the “Healing Paintings” gallery  have examples of circular pieces, some healing series which hang best as a group  as well as a small selection of others. Any painting on this site is energetically a healing painting and not limited to this particular section.


Colour has been used for healing since ancient Egypt. Gemstones have been recognized for thousands of years for their individual healing properties especially in India and China. These are channelled, cleansed, programmed and awakened before being added to each painting. When combined, the gemstones are no longer simply a sum of their combined metaphysical properties but instead, create a new synergy. This, combined with the energy of both the colour and the chakra with which they are partnered, forms a healing resonance. Heart based intention is being more and more recognized for its powerful effects on creating outcome consciously through love. I also zero point, or render into a state of perfect balance, organic materials like sand and crushed seashells that will forever hold healing energy, which are then added to my paint to give my paintings a harmony, balance and the ability to transmit positive vibrations.