Paintings going to the Florence Biennale Dec 5-13, Florence, Italy

I am exhibiting two of my “Chakra Series” of paintings at the Florence Biennale art fair, Florence Italy, Dec 5-13, 2009. Look for me there.



oil on canvas with carnelian, yellow citrine, clear quartz

48 x 36”/122 x 91cm

The third or solar plexus chakra is the chakra of identity, power and force of will.

Carnelian brings a sense of the constant presence of the sun into one’s life with the knowledge that there is nothing to give except love. It helps repair DNA.

Yellow citrine, a prosperity stone, balances yin and yang, aids in concentration and endurance, and offers comfort and optimism.

Throat Chakra



oil on canvas with copper, turquoise

44 x 54”/112 x135 cm

The light blue colour helps to raise the vibrational frequencies of the throat or 5th chakra, the chakra of communication.

Turquoise, a master healing stone has been embedded into the paint as it elevates and strengthens all the chakra centers. It promotes independence and helps ground one.

Copper emits a philosophic energy, one without bias, It stimulates diplomacy, optimism, and independence while providing a harmonic connection between the astral and the physical body. Copper helps increase circulation and blood flow.