New Paintings From Morocco

As usual, after a trip, I try to push the output of paintings before I have fully processed the experience. I find this to be particularly true for abstract work. In other words, there is still only a little to show from my desert trip.

Here is my friend Mimoune, one very smart camel whose favourite food was the wild flowers in full blossom during my visit. She was light years ahead of Ali and Eider, her fellow beasts, both in intelligence and in charm.

I missed her so much that my first painting was an acrylic portrait of her, on paper. I have painted this to give to a very young friend of mine, aged 5, who loves camels.

Camel Morocco

I then started in on the abstracts, a process that goes slowly at present. This oil on canvas, 32 x 42″/81 x 91 cm, has the gemstones sugalite, amethsyt and carnelian embedded into the paint.

Morocco Painting

with sugalite, carnelian amethyst 42×32“

Sugalite is a love stone that protects from negative forces as well as helping to motivate in accomplishing whatever one has set out to do. Amethyst, a stone of spirituality and meditation, offers protection from low level vibrations and helps promote peace and stability while repairing DNA. Carnelian, a prosperity crystal, show us that “there is nothing to be but love ” while also repairing DNA. As it turns out, these were the perfect gemstones to balance both my and my companions’ vibrational resonances at that time. The gemstones to be included in a painting are shown to me during meditation and only afterwards do I realize just how perfect the symmetry turns out to be.

The next painting was done in the same mindset, thinking of the vastness in the dunes and the changing light as it warmed with the sun climbing into its day.

Morocco Painting

with carnelian, amethyst, smokey quartz 36 x 24“

This is painted in oil on canvas 36 x 24″/91 x 61 cm with carnelian, smokey quartz, and amethyst. The only change in the gemstones from the previous work is the smokey quartz; this is a stone of protection from negative forces and pollution and it also enhances one’s creative powers. I am always gratified and in awe to see the consistency of the “instructions” for the gemstone combinations which come to me. Here they are very similar to the previous work and these were both painted at the same time with the theme deepening from one painting to the next.