Healing Harmonics

This series of Healing Paintings has been donated to the permanent collection of Bridgepoint Active Health Care and will be installed on the 10th floor immediately following this show. Their quantum healing modalities include colour resonance, gemstones, heart based intention, and zero pointing, which are explained below.

1. COLOUR: used for healing since ancient Egypt; key element, since 1920, of Carl Jung’s pioneering colour treatment in psychoanalysis practice, today widely accepted as Chroma Therapy for mental and physical ailments.

2. GEMSTONES: recognized for thousands of years by Eastern cultures as having unique vibrational resonances which promote healing, a phenomenon now supported by advances in quantum physics.

3. HEART BASED INTENTION: the increasing recognition, notably by Dr. Howard Martin of the Heart Math Institute, of the power of love and consciousness in achieving desired health outcome.

4. ZERO POINT ENERGY: a complex metaphysical concept developed by Einstein describing a state of perfect energy balance and space where access to the experience of the Infinite is possible.

In Sanskrit Teachings, there are 7 main chakras, each associated with the health of different parts of the body, each represented by and affected by the vibrational resonances of different colours.

In my Healing Series Paintings seen here, it is my hope that the Chakra colours I have used combined with the specific gemstones in each piece will impart a synergistic resonance and empowering healing to the engaged and contemplative viewer.