Gale Force 10, Outside and Within

Gale Force 10 will be on view @ my upcoming show: The Prema in all Things – Todmorden Mills, Toronto M4K 2B9, (416) 396 2819 / October 3-14, 2012 / Wed-Fri: 12pm-4pm / Thurs: 12pm-7pm / Sat-Sun: 12pm-4:30pm

We had quite a day of gales and the wind backed and veered for 24 hours which meant that despite our having changed course more than once, we could not escape the worst of it. Gale force 10 with hail and horizontal rains. At one point early in the morning the ship rolled 43 degrees and at that very moment a Finn whale started to surface directly below the wheel house. As we were more or less on our side we had the amazing privilege of seeing this enormous and rarely sighted whale which took our minds off whether or not we too would soon be swimming.