Note: Frames are not exchangeable. There will be no refunds if the buyer does not wish the piece framed.

Candace Wilson believes that quality counts at all levels of the making of her paintings. In using quality products from beginning to end, she demonstrates that her paintings are indeed a labour of love and the pieces vibrate with this energy.

Choosing the frame of a painting is like choosing the right accessory to wear with an outfit: the finishing touch that can make or break the overall look. Picking the right one can bring out the life and character of the painting, giving it the right pop to help it stand out. Where as choosing the wrong frame can overpower the painting and spoil the intended effect. That is why Candace chooses each frame carefully while working in conjunction with framing specialists.

The frames are custom built using premium materials supplied by Larson Juhl and Fotiou, two companies internationally recognized for their quality framing products. The end result is that the client receives a ready to hang creation which has been imbued with care and attention by the artist from beginning to end.