Florals and their Metaphysics

I am having an art exhibit on April 7-11 at McKay Art Centre, 197 Main Street, Unionville 10-5, Sunday 12-5

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Come and see me there.

Calla Lilies enhance self-worth, help increase the connection to the earth and to creativity. They help bring acceptance and clarity around sexual identity as well as helping to integrate masculine and feminine qualities. Callas help heal wounds caused by cultural gender bias.


The study of metaphysics allows you to discover the essence or real nature of things. My creations give you the opportunity to see the essence or real nature of flowers translated on paper with paint.

Flowers have been used for healing since ancient Egypt, in India, and in fact, long before if one takes into account the civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. All shamanic traditions, even those continuing today, use plant spirit and plant teachings at the heart of their rituals and teachings.

All living cells in plants, animals and humans emit light. These rays or particles of light are known as bio-photons. Bio-photons have the ability to remain coherent which means that they maintain the light as a beam rather than it breaking apart. This beam radiates out and affects all that it comes in contact with. It is this light that carries intelligence and memory and is the foundation for the ability of plants and people to communicate with each other “at the speed of light”. This was discovered by the German biophysicist, Fritz Popp.

Flower essences were rediscovered by Dr. Edward Bach in England in the 1930’s. He found that flowers have particular qualities with exact equivalents in the human emotions, and he recognized the link between stress, emotions and illness. Correcting the emotional factors with flower essences can restore our vitality emotionally and mentally – eventually resolving physical ailments. Colour of the flower also plays a part in the healing quality of a particular flower.

My art portrays the essence of flowers directly and permanently on to paper which in turn has a lasting quality of resonance with the human heart – affecting the body, mind and spirit. The light, the colours, the shapes, the brush strokes, the imbedded crystals are my study of the metaphysics of flowers portrayed on paper. This is my heart-felt contribution to beauty, healing and wellness for all those who choose to see.