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Opening Reception: Oct 14-6.30-9

Wed-Fri 12-4.30, Sat-Sun 12-4

This collection of paintings represents a series of personal journeys I have made, wherein I explore the energy which exists between ourselves and every other element of creation.

It is my belief that when we differentiate ourselves from other beings and our sacred surroundings, we lose our connection with the divine. In my travels to such spiritually energized locations as Machu Pichu, the Sahara, and other remote yet sublime destinations, I found that meditation and contemplative practices helped me to rediscover this connection with the divine.

The discovery of this connection, between self and other, is eternal and lies beneath all forms of artistic expression through the ages.

I have found through my language of painting combined with the healing properties inherent in gemstones, a way for me to express the mystic “energetics” which break through the boundaries separating us from ourselves and others. In this space the boundaries between being and self cease to exist. This is a space “in between”, beyond language, where the vastness within ourselves can mirror the vastness without.

It is my hope that when viewers pause before my paintings, they will be moved by the resonance and vibrancy of the colours combined with the mystical properties of the gemstones. They may then be able to step away from their over-stimulated lives by engaging their imagination and emotions to experience a brief yet profound moment of reconnection to the divine within their own sacred selves.