My chakra paintings are healing pieces that act on the body, mind, and spirit through energetic vibrational resonance. This art is very energetically charged and will quietly heal both the space as well as whoever is in that space.   

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Each chakra, a Sanskrit word meaning ”wheel of rotating light” has a specific colour associated with it based on vibration. Our physical body has seven main chakras located where the major energy meridians intersect. I include an 8th, the higher heart chakra, pink, which is opening above the existing heart centre. There are many more chakras in our bodies but these main ones described below that are considered the vital ones.

 The organs and health of the body are interdependent with the condition of the associated chakra consequently, when the chakra is clear and vital, the associated parts of the body should be in optimum condition.

base chakraRed:  The first or root chakra resonates to red and is located at the base of the spine. This is the body’s energy centre where survival, vitality, stability, trust, and courage live.  The word associated with this chakra would be “I have”. Family of origin issues stem from this chakra as well as any illness connected to the adrenal glands.

sacral chakraOrange: The 2nd or sacral chakra, resonating with orange, located in the abdominal area, is about 10 to 15 cm below the navel. This is the seat of the emotions, creativity, and sexuality. The associated word is “I feel”.  Health issues related to this chakra can be problems of ovaries, testes, and of the colon.

solar plexus chakraYellow resonates with the third or solar plexus chakra located in the area of the solar plexus.  This is the power centre, the chakra of identity, power and force of will.  The word here is “I can”.  Issues of power and control stem from this chakra and illnesses of the pancreas would be considered a third chakra issue.

heart chakraGreen: The 4th or heart chakra, resonating to the colour green, is in the centre of the chest.  It reconnects us to the green in nature, where we always feel more centred and peaceful.  The word here is “I Love”.  It is the seat of love, compassion, sharing and healing.  All relationship issues are 4th chakra issues

higher heart chakraPink: The higher heart chakra is a new heart chakra opening just above the existing heart energy centre.  Pink is the colour that is associated with this new chakra.

throat chakraTurquoise resonates to the 5th or throat chakra and is located at the base of the neck.  The light blue colour helps to raise the vibrational frequencies and hence the level of consciousness of this chakra. This is the seat of communication, wisdom, creative expression, confidence.  The word here is “I speak”.   Disorders of the throat, mouth, jaw, thyroid and thymus would all be considered 5th chakra illnesses.    

intuitive chakraIndigo: Third eye chakra, indigo in colour, is located in between the eyebrows and is the seat of intuition.  The word here is “I see”. Inner knowing, clairvoyance, visualizing and intuition are centred here.  Problems with vision, eating disorders, hormone imbalances and pituitary illnesses are equated with 6th chakra.   

crown chakraPurple: The 7th or crown chakra resonating to purple is located at the crown of the head.  It is the chakra of oneness, knowing, enlightenment.  It brings the gift of cosmic consciousness. The associated word here is “I know”.  Any disorders of the pineal gland, mental illnesses, and deep depressions can be associated with the crown chakra.

Circular Chakras Available:
8″ / 20.3cm      $150
12″ / 30.5cm    $250
16″ / 40.6cm    $350
20″ / 51cm       $500
Larger sizes available upon request.

30 minute consultation via Skype + customization of a chakra painting $125.00
Shipping is not included.

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