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Healing Harmonics

This series of Healing Paintings has been donated to the permanent collection of Bridgepoint Active Health Care and will be installed on the 10th floor immediately following this show. Their quantum healing modalities include colour resonance, gemstones, heart based intention, and zero pointing, which are explained below. 1. COLOUR: used... View Article

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Gems of Healing Wisdom

A lot of my paintings contain stones, gems and metals that help give my work some beautiful texture, but there’s more to them than just their aesthetic qualities. Many ancient teachings from various cultures have taught us that stones contain energies within them: these energies affect the person who comes... View Article

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Three Places on Earth that Never Fail to Inspire

I’ve spent a huge part of my life travelling the world, soaking its magic and using it to inspire my art. Whether it’s France, Spain, Italy, the Sahara or the Arctic, I’ve done my best to absorb the culture, the natural beauty and unique experiences of each place, allowing my... View Article

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Svalbard Gallery of Paintings

My new web gallery of paintings from Svalbard is now available for viewing Wrath of the Ice Bear. Oil on canvas, rose quartz, silver 11 x 14″ / 28 x 36cm Svalbard, an arctic archipelago situated between the North Pole and the north of Norway is 60% covered in glacial... View Article

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Gale Force 10, Outside and Within

Gale Force 10 will be on view @ my upcoming show: The Prema in all Things – Todmorden Mills, Toronto M4K 2B9, (416) 396 2819 / October 3-14, 2012 / Wed-Fri: 12pm-4pm / Thurs: 12pm-7pm / Sat-Sun: 12pm-4:30pm We had quite a day of gales and the wind backed and... View Article

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Ice Bear with Babes in the Fog

We were stuck in the pack ice in the fog in a deep bay. Distance and size of objects gets very distorted in this kind of light especially at high latitudes. After observing two different adult bears on the ice in quite close proximity to each other, we eventually spotted... View Article

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Being Healed by Brasvellbreen

This painting “Being Healed by Brasvellbreen” comes out of my recent trip to the land of glaciers and this is one of the world’s longest. Hour after hour we sailed by this continual wall of ice, sparkling in every possible shade of white and blue, radiating healing energy. One’s whole... View Article

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Art Show: The Prema in All Things

Upcoming Exhibition October 3-14, 2012 @ Paper Mill Gallery Todmorden Mills, Toronto M4K 2B9 On Canada Wed-Fri:12pm-4pm Thurs:12pm-7pm Sat-Sun:12pm-4:30pm The Prema in all Things It can be said that throughout the ages and across all faiths, there is a shared belief in a sacred love force that connects all beings,... View Article

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Desert Petroglyphs

Coming across petroglyphs in remote desert landscape always fills me with awe, and wonder, and excitement. I somehow feel like I’ve just made an enormous discovery, like America or something. The mystery of it all is very captivating. So many questions and so few answers. Musandam, Sultanate of Oman These... View Article