Art Show: The Prema in All Things

Upcoming Exhibition

October 3-14, 2012 @ Paper Mill Gallery
Todmorden Mills, Toronto M4K 2B9 On Canada

The Prema in all Things

It can be said that throughout the ages and across all faiths, there is a shared belief in a sacred love force that connects all beings, all creation. In Sanskrit, this love force is called prema.

This love force inside every atom causes electrons to move; charging particles,creating molecules which then create objects; from the simplest grain of sand to the most complex life forms, to the entire universe.

The planets stay in their orbit, the stars twinkle, the sun shines, there is reproduction in all species because of love. The charge within this entire creation is a power called prema, also believed to be the force of love in all its forms.

Throughout my travels, I have experienced the presence of prema and felt the profound emotional impact of this connection to all things: most recently, the beautiful and endangered arctic animals in their awe inspiring yet threatened landscape, the ancient sacred sites cherished by all cultures and beliefs such as Petra in Jordan, or closer to home, the quiet peace and serenity to be found in the Don River Valley.

This new collection of paintings expresses my responses to the powerful emotional experiences of prema. I have chosen the genre of abstract composition which allows the viewer to go beyond representational description to the place viewer to go beyond representational description to the place “in between”, where the subconscious is uninhibited by verbal or visual clues, allowing a direct spiritual response of prema–love. Within the vibrant colour of each piece I have incorporated semi -precious gemstones, widely believed to magnify energy and promote spiritual healing.

My goal is to share the magic of prema with my viewers. By standing before theworks with an open heart and mind, my hope is that they too will experience the love that binds our world and our lives together.