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About Candace

An alchemical journey through the most remote regions, both inner and outer, has resulted in the transmutation of all possible emotions into these energetic paintings. Their quantum healing energies quietly affect the biofield of all that are in their presence, expanding heart energy–the greatest healer of all.

Artist, mystic, quantum energetic healer–my channelled paintings help you explore your inner vastness; you’ll discover magical gardens– spots of sheer bliss as well as dark places that require your recognition and love.

My explorations of the High Arctic, The Sahara, Antarctica and other extraordinary wild places have led me deep into myself. With the help of my spiritual Guru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and numerous guides, angelics, and mystical beings I have known in deserts hot and cold, both inner and outer, my personal exploration continues.  As I shift, so too my paintings. The colours, energies and gemstone resonance draw you forth allowing for healing and discovery. There is magic afoot and through this portal, you too will be shifted and changed.

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Candace’s healing art series are specifically rendered to bring healing vibrations into the lives of its audience. Being in the presence of a beautiful symphony of colours, crystals, gems and sacred geometry is therapeutic to its viewers, opening up their mind to possibilities of self-healing and revitalization.

“I believe that everything in the world is connected through energy, and we receive a lot of that energy through colours. My mixed media abstract art uses elements like sand, gemstones and colour to recreate the energy that I discovered during my many travels I capture the energy I find in these places, and transfer it into my art.

A large chunk of my artistic muse comes from my explorations and travels across the globe. I’ve made many dear friends, immersed myself in different cultures and witnessed nature’s true beauty through my travels. I’ve captured some of those people, feelings and places in figurative art, hoping to transfer the positive vibrations I received during those experiences to people who view and enjoy my art.”


I had the delightful opportunity to work with Candace Wilson…what an amazing healer!  And I so love my 3rd Eye Chakra art piece painted by her.  My experience with her was so adept, gifted, and awe inspiring!  She knew what I was lacking and brought into balance what I needed.  Candace brings in the details of healing frequencies, protection, and the full spectrum of light.  Her art is balanced, pleasant to the eye, and healing to the body, mind, and soul!

Chereon C Hoopes

Energy healer, Wyoming, USA

Chakra Healing Painting

For several days, I’ve been basking in the colors and gemstones of Candace’s chakra healing painting. The blues are deep; the stones sparkle. She specifically created it to awaken my third eye and my dreams have been richer and more vivid. The images I receive for my clients are more precise and even my son, who has been looking at the painting, is reporting more predictions. Candace’s work has a magic and quality like no other.

Cyndi Dale, author of 27 bestselling books about energy medicine

Increased Harmony

Since installing Candace’s “Approaching a New Galaxy” in the office next to workers who had a rocky relationship, they’ve come together as a team. There is a notably positive vibe to the environment, and the harmonious communications have resulted in better work from everyone. Plus it’s a gorgeous painting that exudes energy immediately upon viewing.

Kevin M – Business Owner, Toronto

Living Energy

Candace’s chakra paintings are not just static works of art, they are living energy that moves and shifts you. Just meditating on it, you can feel it working! Even as I write this while staring at the throat chakra painting, I can feel energy swirling in my throat — and I can’t wait to see what healings and expansion emerges as a result!

Derek Rydall, Founder The Law of Emergence, Best-Selling Author, ‘Emergence,’ ‘The Abundance Project’

True Healing

I lay for hours in my hospital bed as the days turned into nights and nights into days. As I focused intently on the green piece and directed my energy to that specific muscle that was tightly holding my ability to heal I felt an ever-so-slight twitch of loosening. I breathed once more and more loosening. I have never felt such a small muscle so deep in my body before. My eyes shifted to the yellow piece and I was able to breathe and clear my thoughts. I went from near death in emergency to a healed and healthy man with a lot of help from your work.

HM, Toronto

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My chakra paintings are healing pieces that act on the body, mind, and spirit through energetic vibrational resonance. This art is very energetically charged and will quietly heal both the space as well as whoever is in that space.

Each chakra, a Sanskrit word meaning ”wheel of rotating light” has a specific colour associated with it based on vibration. Our physical body has seven main chakras located where the major energy meridians intersect. I include an 8th, the higher heart chakra, pink, which is opening above the existing heart centre. There are many more chakras in our bodies but these are considered the vital ones.
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